Why Stand Up Paddle Boarding?

SUP is part of Project: FLOW as among other things SUP is extremely enjoyable.

SUP further ticks many boxes when it comes to promoting and maintaining health and wellbeing. These critical areas include:

  • Highly accessible for people of any age and ability
  • Low impact, physical activity that works the whole body
  • Is conducted in the natural environment
  • Can be scaled in intensity from very casual relaxing paddle, to high intensity river and ocean racing
  • Can be applied to river, lake, ocean, and surf activities
  • Can be done in social groups
  • Improves balance, concentration, and relaxation

The Brave Face Mental Health Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Session involves access to ongoing SUP instruction, that integrates psychoeducation in each session to assist participants to improve their responses to the many challenges of mental health and illness.

The SUP Sessions include activities that are:
  • Physically challenging
  • Mentally stimulating
  • Socially engaging
  • Intrinsically rewarding = FUN & ENJOYABLE!!!!
The Brave Face Stand Up Paddle Sessions are designed to help participants
  • Build Resilience
  • Increase Self-awareness, Focus, and Mindfulness
  • Build Self-efficacy/Confidence
  • Learn and Develop New Skills
  • Increase Social Interaction
  • Raise Community Engagement
  • Increase Engagement with Natural Environment

Each SUP Session focuses efforts toward not only improving things like mood and decision-making, but also improve physical ability and confidence .

Each session will run for 75 minutes and integrate the benefits of physical activity, with mental health strategies and discussion. Session leads and have a lived experience of mental illness. 

In brief:

SUP sessions ARE:
  • About Connection – to yourself and others
  • Relaxed, Fun, and Enjoyable
  • Lightly Challenging – scaled to suit each participant
  • Open to all ages and abilities – anyone can get on a SUP!!!

We can’t wait to get you on the water.