What is Project Flow?

Dedicated to supporting people with mental illness and their support network, Project: FLOW is a program aimed at improving resilience and key aspects of mental health and wellbeing while doing activities that are intrinsically enjoyable.
In Project: FLOW, we are operating on the interplay between our environment and behaviour, and how we think and feel.
Project: FLOW involves participating in enjoyable physical activities that support physical, emotional, and social wellbeing.
Our foundational program involves Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP). With SUP, anyone can enjoy what it is like to be on the water – any age – any ability.
The SUP program is conducted by qualified SUP instructors who also have experience in mental health.
While SUP involves many characteristics, the overall SUP program encompasses support in:
  • Building Resilience
  • Physical and emotional health
  • Social development
  • Skill development

Current FLOW courses:

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Future FLOW courses:

Rock Climbing

The FLOW experience

Have you ever had an experience where you are so engrossed in an activity that while active, you feel calm; time seems to fly by; you experience a simple clarity of mind; pressure to perform reduces and you simply enjoy your activity?
This is what research and Positive Psychologists call FLOW
Flow is associated with feelings of:
  • Concentration
  • Intrinsic reward
  • ease of effort
  • reduction of self-conscious rumination
  • transformation of time
Through engaging in FLOW activities, we are maximising the potential of your brain to experience uplifting emotions and moods, reduction in rumination, as well as improving overall outlook.
This is of course a new habit formed over a period of time.