BRAVE FACE is a Social Enterprise business based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. We are a Mental Health Training company providing services to help community members improve their response to mental illness.

Improve Your Response

BRAVE FACE is the recognition of the phenomenal efforts made by people with mental health conditions – mild to severe, acute to chronic. To get up in the morning, maintain some kind of self care, make breakfast, go to work, school, or study, feed and dress the kids, go to job interviews, attend social events – to actually go outside – everything that happens in between – to carry what you carry, everyday.

Physically Challenging

We aim to achieve holistic health, from head to toe. We host regular events such as Stand Up Paddle boarding, rock climbing and hinterland walks.

Mentally Stimulating

We come alive when socialising with other people, experiencing outdoor environments, and enjoying engaging activities. All simultaneously.

Socially Engaging

We humans are a social species, it seems we’ve forgot just how important regular social interaction is for our health, and how enjoyable it can be.

Intrinsically Rewarding

Most important of all, Brave Face makes mental recovery FUN and ENJOYABLE! This is what motivates us the most, the ability to facilitate happiness.

Why we do it..

There is a growing recognition that Mental Illness impacts a significant portion of the community, and affects all aspects of an individual’s life. The difficulties experienced, relate to, among many factors, a reduced engagement in beneficial physical activity, and social engagement in the community. Research shows that programs targeting physical activity can have a significant effect in reducing symptomology of many mental health conditions.

Improve Your Performance

Education and Training

Additionally, Brave Face provides opportunities for participants and families to access mental health training and psychoeducation.
Mental Health Awareness 100%
Meditation and Inner Peace 85%
Psychological Education 90%

So What’s next?

Start Your Road To Recovery Today!

We’d love to hear from you to discuss your interest in joining us for a chat and some relaxing fun.