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Stand Up Paddle for Mental Health

Stand Up Paddle Program to Improve Mood, Strength, Balance, Confidence, Fitness, Outlook – and have FUN doing it!!!

Considering the various areas in people’s lives that are affected by mental illness, there is increasing focus on providing activities and interventions that tick more than one box. Physical activity programs have been an increasing focus for reasons relating to improvement in both physical health and mental well-being. Research in neuroscience has shown changes in brain activity, structure and function. Additionally, physical activity has resulted in significant benefits in mental and emotional function, as well as physical health factors such as cardiovascular fitness. Recent research has further indicated that engagement with nature, and specifically with water, can have profound effects on health and well-being. Programs around the world have focused on the development of interventions that fulfil these criteria, as well as providing social connection and support.

Based on the hugely therapeutic and successful Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course, Brave Face has developed an 8-week Stand Up paddle program designed to provide an opportunity for people experiencing challenges of mental illness to access a safe, supportive, and fun physical activity program. Additionally, weekly discussions will focus on components of psychoeducation such as stress management and relapse prevention.

Why Stand Up Paddling??
Because it’s:
  • Highly accessible for people of any age and ability

  • Low impact, physical activity that works the whole body

  • Is conducted in the natural environment – Blue Space

  • Can be scaled in intensity from very casual relaxing paddle, to high intensity river and ocean racing

  • Can be applied to river, lake, ocean, and surf activities

  • Can be done in social groups

  • Improves balance, concentration, and relaxation

The SUP Program includes activities that are:
  • Physically challenging
  • Mentally stimulating
  • Socially engaging
  • Intrinsically rewarding = FUN & ENJOYABLE!!!!
The Brave Face Stand Up Paddle Program is designed to help participants:
  • Build Resilience
  • Increase Self-awareness, Focus, and Mindfulness
  • Build Self-efficacy/Confidence
  • Learn and Develop New Skills
  • Increase Social Interaction
  • Raise Community Engagement
  • Increase Engagement with Natural Environment

We are no longer running these programs, but, continue to advocate for this avenue of self-care and health improvement
Get in touch if you have any questions about SUP for Mental Health
Bryan would love to chat with anyone who wants to chat about the benefits of SUP


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